I Have A Bunch Of Saint Apprentices

C654 I Am Your Master!!

C654 I Am Your Master!!

Seeing Situ Lie holding two sabers in his hands, he floated high in the sky.    


Everyone thought that this battle was already without any suspense.    


What followed was this lunatic Sect Master taking out his true abilities to fight with this young man, and then the entire situation would be completely one-sided.    


But they never expected this.    


This genius young man took out a golden whip from somewhere and whipped Situ Lie out of the air.    


What happened after that, they did not guess wrong.    


The entire situation was completely one-sided.    


However, it was Situ Lie's side.    


After being tied up by the golden whip, Situ Lie completely lost his ability to resist, and was beaten up by the young man on the ground.    


His face was about to go crooked!    


This young man was only at the peak of the Vajra realm!    


This, this, this... This was too terrifying.    


"Second Head, are we just going to watch Sect Master get beaten up like this?"    


"Yeah, why don't we save Sect Master first? This beating is too ruthless..."    


"This is our own territory, we can't just watch Sect Master get bullied like this, right?"    


The people of the Shen Royal Sect were all a little worried, and they all asked for Lu Neng's help.    


Although the strength that Shen Jun had displayed was extremely exaggerated, he was after all just one person.    


There were so many blade cultivators in the Shen Royal Sect, so if they all rushed forward, it was impossible for them to not even be able to save a Sect Master.    


Hearing that, Lu Neng also thought for a long time, but in the end, he shook his head with all his might.    


"No. Although this young man did not attack lightly, he did not have the slightest intention to kill. He probably didn't really want to make Sect Master his enemy."    


"Besides, you all know Sect Master's temper. A fair duel is not shameful. It's shameful if you lose."    


Lu Neng growled and stopped the disciples of the Shen Royal Sect beside him.    


At the same time, on the battlefield between Situ Lie and Shen Jun.    


Shen Jun punched and kicked.    


Situ Lie's eyes were filled with stars as he was beaten up.    


At this moment, the continuous heavy blows actually awakened countless memories in his heart.    


The face of this genius youth gradually became familiar.    




"Master! You are my master!"    


Situ Lie's hoarse voice was filled with tears.    


"Master!" His voice pierced through the clouds and resounded in the sky.    


At this moment, he remembered everything.    


Back then, in the Poison Swamp in the southern border of the Azure Wood Continent, his master risked his life to save him.    


After that, the sect gradually grew stronger and more and more of his brothers and sisters ate and lived with him.    


His master's teachings during the day and stories of coaxing him to sleep at night.    


Bits and pieces of memories surged into his heart.    


After eight hundred years, when he thought about it again, it was so distant and familiar.    


He looked at Shen Jun in front of him again with tears in his eyes. Situ Lie almost choked and could not speak.    


It was really his master!    


He called him a little bastard.    


The High Dragon Whip, the Green Lotus Sword Technique, and the cultivation at the peak of the Diamond Realm.    


In the entire Three Thousand Worlds, who else could gather all these things at the same time other than Master?    


Who else could it be?!    




Taking advantage of the moment when Shen Jun stopped, Situ Lie exploded with all of his strength without caring about anything else. He suddenly broke free from the restraints of the High Dragon Whip.    


After that.    


In front of countless onlookers, in front of the entire Shen Royal Sect.    


This powerful blade cultivator, who had intimidated the entire small space with his own strength and was revered as a lunatic, knelt down.    


He knelt down just like that.    


Ignoring the tears and dirt on his face, Situ Lie knelt down on both knees and heavily kowtowed.    


He shouted with a sorrowful voice,    


"Unfilial disciple Situ Lie..."    


"Greetings, Master!"    


His voice was filled with tears and his words stabbed into the heart.    


Situ Lie's roar was filled with longing, ecstasy, and endless grievance.    


He heavily kowtowed on the ground, and the dust on his face was covered with tears.    


"Master, I once had a portrait of you and a sculpture of you. I was afraid that I would forget your appearance."    


"But when I came to the Upper Realm, the Power of Space shattered my Storage Ring, and these things were all... I deserve to die!"    




As he spoke, Situ Lie heavily kowtowed on the ground again.    


"Right now, Master, you haven't even recognized your disciple in front of you. Your disciple... your disciple is unfilial!"    




When the third kowtow sounded, Situ Lie's forehead was already covered in blood and flesh.    


Just as he was about to kowtow for the fourth time, a large hand suddenly pressed down on his shoulder.    


Shen Jun lifted his second disciple up with one hand, and the anger in his eyes completely disappeared, leaving only a kind look in his eyes.    


"I will remember all of your sins first."    


"When the matter is done, I will punish you properly."    


Situ Lie's face was already filled with tears. This madman who was ruthless to others but even more ruthless to himself was like a child who had lost his beloved toy at this moment.    


Large droplets of tears fell down one after another, and they could not stop at all.    


As for the onlookers nearby, they almost popped their eyes out.    


This young man was the madman sect master's master?    


After fighting for so long, they had guessed everything.    


After all the fuss, it turned out that they were actually master and disciple!    


Although they were shocked, after thinking about it carefully, it was actually very normal.    


This young man cultivated both swords and knives, and he was able to have such a terrifying combat strength at the peak of the Vajra Stage, even being able to suppress Situ Lie who was at the Great Sage Stage.    


It was not strange to say that the two of them were master and disciple.    


But since they were master and disciple, why did Situ Lie only recognize him now?    


Everyone was bewildered.    


And the most confused of all was naturally Luo Shi and his subordinates.    


How could such a coincidence happen in this world?    


A force in the Upper Realm actually had the same name as the one in this small space.    


It seemed that the two of them were from the same family!    


This young man was not the Patriarch of the Shen Royal Sect, but the Patriarch of the Shen Royal Sect!    


To find a disciple, he had to go to this damn place.    


This master of his was indeed competent enough.    


After the initial shock, the disciples of the Shen Royal Sect all reacted.    


One by one, they all knelt down on the ground and bowed to Shen Jun.    


The master of the sect was their Patriarch.    


To meet the Patriarch, not to mention kowtowing, even three kowtows and nine bows were not excessive!    


Plop! Plop! Plop!    


For a moment, not only the people of the Shen Royal Sect knelt down to Shen Jun.    


Even the newcomers who had entered this small space with Shen Jun also knelt down on the ground to show their submission.    


Shen Jun, on the other hand, was somewhat disdainful of this.    


"Alright, the people of the Shen Royal Sect, return to their posts."    


"Those who are unrelated, get lost!" Shen Jun waved his hand and gave the order to chase them away.    


"As for you guys..." Shen Jun looked at the newcomers who had teleported in with him and hesitated for a moment before saying, "You guys stay here first."    


"As for the others, if they are still within my field of vision within ten breaths, I will personally send you guys away!"    


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